This is an important subject which is included in Second Year B.A.M.S. which deals with patients clinical examinations, pathological investigations. As we all know that in Medical faculty without diagnosis, the treatment become absolutely of no meaning. This subject is not only related to diagnosis but also diagnostic aids like various pathological investigations & prompt Ayurvedic & Modern clinical examinations. The dept. fulfillsĀ  the norms regarding teaching & non teaching staff according to C.C.I.M. New Delhi, M.U.H.S. Nashik as well as Charts, Instruments, Histopathological slides & specimens & infrastructure.

We are developing new Ayurvedic diagnostic methods, new Researcher, clinician & Laboratory experts etc. staffs for serving the society. Also we are keen on using ayurvedic diagnostic methods in diagnosis in day to day routine OPDs.

The department has a Central Pathology Laboratory attached to the Hospital where advance techniques of investigations are done on automated Biochem Analyzer & Haemotological Cell Counter as well as traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic methods instruments.

Staff Pattern :-

postNo. sPermanentTemporary
HOD / Professor---
Associate Professor11 Permanent-
Asst. Professor2-2 Temporary

Infrastructure Available :-

Sr. No.InfrastructureDetails
1Library Books52

Facilities Available :-

Computer Set with Printer1 Set Available
LCD Projector1 Set.

Activity :-

Academic Activity :-

  1. Conducting theory and practical classes for UG.
  2. Conducting Roganidana OPD.
  3. Organizing guest lecture classes.

General Activity :-

  1. Conducted Guest Lecture

Achievements :-

  1. Dr. Shankarprasad Gandhe – Certification Of Yoga ProfessionalsSupported By Ministry Of Ayurveda 19 April 2017.
  2. Dr. Patil Parag Satish – Basic Workshop in Research Methodology held on 26 to 28 March 2014 at Pune.

Future Plans :-

  1. Purchasing more books to department Library
  2. Purchasing more models and charts to be displayed in department
  3. Museum is essential part of Department . Separate area is necessary for this purpose.
  4. Commencement of postgraduate course in Roganidana.
  5. Conducting various Guest Lectures.
  6. Publishing books & Educational CDs.