The subject – ‘Agadtantra, Vyahar Ayurved Evam Vidhi Vaidyak’ teaes medical alertness as in Toxicology i. e. Agadtantra  & Legal awareness as in Forensic Medicine i.e. Vyavahar  Ayurved  & Medical Jurisprudence i.e. Vidhi Vaidyak.
Main aim of this subject is to contribute in producing skilled legal medical practitioners. To achieve this moto we have well established Dept. with full fledged teaching staff.

Though various departments of College flourished a lot, the academic scenario of know how on  toxicological management was still in vogue at national- state- local levels. To fulfil the need of time, to revive the knowledge of visha chikitsa and  to retrieve the clinical oriented toxicological practices with a backup of academical knowledge, the Department of Agad Tantra formed in 1993 with a vision to expand the academic area on snake bite and other toxicology  managements.  The Department handles subjects- Ayurvedic Toxicology, Forensic Science, Jurisprudence, Acts & rules related to medical field, Zoonotic and vector borne diseases, Impacts of air-water-land pollutions, Medical Ethics, Medical records by inputting relevant knowledge
to the II year undergraduate B.A.M.S. students
The UG Department aims at (1) moulding good practitioners with contemporary knowledge in medical law and Ethics; (2) Handle cases coming under Agad Tantra with reasonable skill; (3) recognising the statutory requirements of the profession; (4) recognizing the point of referring to specialists.

Staff Pattern

PostNo. sPermanentTemporary
HOD / Professor---
Associate Professor1-1 Temporary
Asst. Professor1-1 Temporary

 Infrastructure Available

1Library Books53

Facilities Available

1Computer Set with Printer1 Set Available
2LCD Projector1 Set.

 Activity :-

⦁  Academic Activity :-
⦁    Post mortem tours in Nearest  PHC
⦁    Agadtantra Paper I
⦁    General Activity  :-
A) Conducted Guest Lecture


Dr. Shirsath U.D. – National Seminar on Ayurvedic Management of  Auto –
Immune Diseases held on 21 Dec 2014 (Pune)
Dr. Shirsath U.D. –  National Seminar on Pitta Vikara-Concept to Clinical as
Delegate at NIMA Auditorium Pune held on 23 Dec 2012
Dr. Shirsath U.D. –  National Seminar on Shool Vikara- Principles & Practices
Delegate & Presented a poster at Pune held on 22 Dec 2013.

 Future Plans

1) Purchasing more books to department Library
2) Purchasing more models and charts to be displayed in department
3) Museum is essential part of Department . Separate area is necessary
for this purpose.
4)  Commencement of postgraduate course in Roganidana.
5) Conducting various Guest Lectures.
6) Publishing books & Educational CDs.